Japhy Creative is a full service video production company specializing in narrative and documentary-style content. We work with our clients throughout the entire process, from original concept to final delivery.

While trying to decide on a company name, Brad and Tim kept circling back to a shared interested in the Beat Generation. During that discussion, they both realized their favorite book of the era was The Dharma Bums.

The Dharma Bums was Jack Kerouac’s follow-up to his wildly successful On the Road. Chronicling Kerouac’s early struggles with newfound fame, the book told the story of Ray Smith and his study of Buddhism. Along the way, he meets Japhy Ryder, a character based on real-life Zen poet Gary Snyder, who takes Ray on a life-changing hike up the Matterhorn. Japhy helps Ray understand nature, creativity, and that his life is a “vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.”

That’s good advice for anyone, so, you know, we quit our jobs and started Japhy Creative in 2014.

Thanks Jack and Gary.

During each project, Brad and Tim are involved in every part of the process, including scripting, production and editing.

We also pride ourselves on being available when and where the client needs us, making some of our main business values availability and mobility. This is also helpful for our clients, reducing their travel requirements.

meet our managing partners,
Tim and Brad.

Brad Barry

  • – Graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Film and Video.
  • – Loves the on-set technical aspect of production.
  • – Hates cantaloupe.
  • – Has no sense of smell.

Tim McDermott

  • – Graduated from Temple University with a degree in Film and Media Arts.
  • – Feels at home when writing and editing.
  • – His two favorite movie are All the President’s Men and Mary Poppins…that kind of says it all.
  • – Southpaw, semi-color blind, proud.

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