a behind-the-scenes look at Japhy


– we meet you and your team, listen, and brainstorm your idea.
– then we’ll collaborate on some scripts and storyboards.
– next, we’ll help handle the nuts and bolts of your production, including scheduling, casting, location scouting, and any necessary documentation.


– we bring our fancy movie equipment and crew.
– next, we’ll use our fancy movie equipment and your time efficiently to capture the best content for your final product.
– using the previously mentioned fancy movie equipment, we’ll review and back up your footage, on set!


– we take your footage and organize, catalog, and sync everything.
– we edit your footage, making sure it tells your story. This part also includes color correction and grading, audio mixing and mastering, and soundtrack selection and/or composition. If you want motion graphics and animation, we can do that too!
– finally, after receiving feedback from you, we finalize, deliver, and celebrate, usually at TGI Fridays. You’re more than welcome to come.